All Free Option:

This casino ATM program is designed for the casino that is interested in purchasing and maintaining their own casino ATM. We will provide you all the necessary tools to maintain and operate your new Casino ATM's such as "Real-Time Online Statistics" - 24 Hour Trained Technical Support" - Trouble Shooting & Service Call Support.

Turn-key Solution:

This solution is best suited for the casino that is interested in outsourcing the entire day to day operation of maintaining and cash loading for one or more casino ATM machines. Let Washingont ATMS handle your casino ATM and receive a large percentage of the surcharge revenue without the challenges associated with operating ATMS. Washington ATMS uses only brand new ATMs when implementing our turn key program.


This Casino ATM program is designed for the casino that is interested in handling the cash loading aspect for their casino ATM, but does not want to buy or maintain the casino ATM themselves. Washington ATMS will provide and maintain one or more new casino ATM's in exchange for a percentage of the surcharge revenue. This option is our most popular casino ATM program. To get started, give us a call.

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