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They're clean, professional, and most importantly, have 24-hour exposure to foot traffic and customers. In-wall ATMs are perfect for businesses that have a great retail or commercial location, but have no room for an ATM inside.

They are perfect for commercial or retail real-estate owners that can substitute one of their many store-front windows with a professional and clean looking In-wall ATM. These machines are more expensive than others, but Washington ATMS offers FREE ATM Placement of In-wall ATMs.


You never have to worry about anything. Washington ATMS will provide monthly reports and checks for the ATM since we share in the profits.

All you have to worry about is cashing a check at the end of the month! No Other Costs!

We handle everything including:

  • The cost of the ATM machine
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Signage
  • Paper Supplies
  • Transaction Approval

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