Free ATM Placement Program

Washington ATMS will place an ATM Terminal in your business for free. We will then provide you with monthly reports and give you 20% of the ATM’s revenue, depending on the volume of transactions. This could generate an additional $50 to $1000 dollars per month for your business, AT NO COST TO YOU! Also, there are added benefits and savings.

Our Services Include

- Free ATM Placement
- Free ATM Installation
- Free ATM Programming
- Free ATM 24/7 Monitoring
- Free Cash Loading/Replenishment

We offer a FULL TURN-KEY solution for your business, and Washington ATMs will never charge you any fees, seriously, there are absolutely NO FEES! In fact, we can cover our costs with just 100 monthly transactions (about 4 trans./day).

Ask about our custom cabinets!

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