Special Event Placement

Special Events can be very hectic. Washington ATMS' FREE Mobile ATM service for Special Events is your key to solving all of your worries. Most events are set up and taken down in just a day, so vendors are in a hurry to set up, unpack, and get ready for the event. Typically vendors will not have expensive COMPLETELY WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY that is merchant processing ready and mobile.

Washington ATMS can install an ATM or multiple ATM Machines at your special event for FREE. We collect a surcharge that will offset our labor and costs, and your event wont pay a penny. From small events with 1000 people to larger events like the Indianapolis 500, Superbowl, or Rose Bowl. Washington ATMs can deploy up to 45 ATM machines with over 2.5 million dollars in cash to your special event. There is no event too large or small.

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