Free ATM Placement:

By using Washington ATMS Free Bar ATM Placement Program, you'll benefit in several ways including:

- Customer convenience
- FASTER transactions for bartenders
- Bartenders prefer CASH tips
- Turn over more drinks per minute, per hour, per night
- Minimize credit/debit transactions
- Charge cash-only for cover? No problem with an ATM by the door.

We truly are a Free ATM Company. We will provide everything you need.

No Other Costs / Turn-key Solution. We handle everything including:
- Installation
- Maintenance
- Insurance
- Signage
- Paper supplies
- Wireless transactions

All, at NO COST. In fact, we share our ATM Machine revenue with your Night Club or Bar if minimum number of transactions is met to meet our overhead cost.
Real-Time Transaction Monitoring - Washington ATMS uses real time transaction 24/7 monitoring. You can rest assured that the ATM Machine will never be out of money.

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